Bird Watching

1 Day


Butrint is the most visited site in Albania, due to the presence of one of the most interesting archeological parks in Europe. However the area of Butrint represents one of the richest environments in Albania in terms of biodiversity. In a small surface of land is scattered a high number of different natural habitats and landscapes, holding a wide diversity of species, making the area highly attractive not only for cultural tourism but also for eco-tourism. Birds are one of the most interesting and diverse groups of fauna in this area. In Butrint are registered around 250 bird species, however this number is expected to increase when more birdwatchers will visit the area.

The first part of sightseeing: Gathering at Butrint Bird Watching tour situated closed to the entrance of the Archeological Park. This point offers a wide view on the different landscapes in the area, and enables the observation of different species of water birds (please check the table below).  The guide makes a short introduction of wildlife presence in the area, putting emphasis on the rare species.

The second part of sightseeing: Exploring “Water Birds” trail. Short boat trip or walking to Ali Pasha castle (point 9 circle, on the map below). This bird watching point represents the best point in the area for the observation of shorebirds. The trail is pleasant and soft.

The third part of sightseeing: Exploring “Singing Birds” trail. This trail starts at point 2 circle and continues through village Xarrë (going by car) or through the village “Shendelli” (walking) until it reaches the “Bufi Lake”.  This trail offers very nice landscape views and a wide diversity of passerine species. This trail is soft and feasible for everyone. It is advisable to keep small snacks and water with you, and don’t forget your binocular! After the refreshment drive back to the port and end of the services.


-Scenic drive to Butrinti - 45 minutes

-Visit Butrinti and watching the birds in the park - 240 minutes

-Refreshment - 30 minutes

-Drive back to Saranda - 45 minutes

The Tour Includes:

  • -Bus transportation
  • -Guide service
  • -Welcome drink
  • -Operational assistance

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Bird Watching